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Founder of Prana Casa and certified Yoga Teacher

Hi, my name is  Eve, I am your yoga teacher and I have been a globe-trotting traveller for many years. However, now I decided to settle in Portugal. I have always had a passion for sport that connects me with nature such as snowboarding, kiteboarding & wave surfing. Playing with these elements of nature gives me Prana.
I have always organised my lifestyle around the things I love. Consequently, through my active hobbies, I found and fell in love with yoga. Yoga very quickly became my first love as it gives me the balance of body and mind. Additionally, yoga helps me gain the confidence to follow my dreams.

Through my personal travels, I gained both the knowledge and the beautiful life experiences that now I get the chance to share with those who visit Prana Casa.


Dr. Venky

Dr Venky

Founder of Shivshakti Yoga Institute in INDIA

Dr Venky visits our team at Prana Casa every year to teach.

Dr Venky’s teachings take a scientific approach to the understanding of yogic practices. He explains the benefits of yoga in the context of yogic science as opposed to traditional religious terms. Additionally, his teachings are supported by extensive research that has been carried out by the Kaivalyadhama institute in India and researchers worldwide.

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