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Aljezur Yoga Retreat Prana Casa

Our Aljezur yoga retreat is situated on the majestic coast of the Western Algarve, Portugal. Prana Casa offers the Ultimate Aljezur Yoga Retreatsworkshops and Yoga Teacher training courses, as well as Yoga Accommodation.

We live in an age where the fast pace of daily life can catch up on us. This consequently drains both our mind and body creating an imbalance. At Prana Casa, we offer you a safe, comfortable and beautiful space to retreat to. Here you can re-establish your mind and bodies balance while practicing and learning yoga.

The Ideal Place for a Yoga Retreat

Our location in Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal is the ideal place to come for an Aljezur yoga retreat to practice yoga. We are located in a quiet and calm area which will allow you to disconnect from the churn of daily life. However, we are still within reach of basic amenities and very close to great beaches for beach yoga and surfing.

Through your stay with us, you will experience how wonderful yoga is and how it helps to re-establish that balance. Additionally, you become more self-aware growing your self-knowledge and confidence which will enable you to free yourself from society’s expectations.

Living a Purpose Driven Life Through Yoga

We offer ultimate yoga retreats and courses which will help you align your life with your unique purpose. We believe in the incredible journey of finding out who you truly are. Similarly, we believe that being fully aware and mindful of every feeling is the most important element of living a full and purposeful life!

Achieve Happiness, Peace & Balance in our Aljezur Yoga Retreat

True happiness, peace and balance can only be achieved by starting this journey within ourselves. Therefore, by knowing what ignites our inner fire and feeds our soul each one of us can find true happiness.

We look forward to walking with you through this process. At Prana Casa we can help this journey by feeding your mind and body with yoga classes, healthy food, great company and positive vibrations.

Anja Teschner

Many thanks to Eveline for this great time!
It was really fantastic and did a great job.
I can highly recommend prana casa … the yoga classes (suitable for every level of yoga experience), the food (thanks to olivia for the super tasty dinners), the house, the nature with great scenery and beaches in the immediate vicinity ( If you want to see more of it, think about a rental car that you can share with other participants. we were glad to have this to explore everything) and not to forget the great people, which I got to know there, made these 6 days unforgettable.
Thank you for this great time 😍!

Vanessa Ewor

I did a 6 days retreat and had a wonderful time! The people I met were great, the yoga was great, the other activities (surf, walk, sound healing,etc) were great and the food was great! You have plenty of time to do what you want during the day, for that reason it could be useful to share a car with someone else that is doing the retreat. I felt replenished when I got back home. Thank you Eve! 🙏🏼💕🧘🏼‍♀️

Lea Wolf

I did a one week yoga retreat two years ago and felt like I had to come back this year together with my mum. Both visits were amazing. Yoga classes for every level and in different styles, delicious food and a calming atmosphere made the time at Prana Casa truly wonderful. Great recommendation!

Irene Mouchart

Didn’t do yoga before but needed a break,.. I found it at prana casa after one week of positive energie and daily yoga classes and delicious food. It made me feel if everything was oke. Everything improved, my balance, my strength, my mental power. Prana casa felt after 1 day as my home. hope I will come back soon.

Peeky Pineapple

Great place! Very nice house, beautiful garden, amazing vibe!! 👍🏼

Laurie Gomez

Great expérience !!! Wonderful place,yoga session,people and amazing food !!!!

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